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1 March 2023

Alphalyse welcomes 3 new protein analysts

Our team is growing! Please meet Melissa, Maša, and Christina, our new colleagues. Melissa Fernard Pedersen holds an MSc in Medicine with Industrial Specialization and will be part of our HCP-ELISA characterization team. She has extensive ELISA experience and has researched biomarker assays for patient treatment. 📺 Melissa has previously lived and worked in London,… Read whole story

21 February 2023

New equipment alert: SoloVPE

With the addition of the CTech™ Analytical Solutions – Repligen SoloVPE spectrophotometer to our lab, we can perform protein concentration measurements significantly faster and with high precision. Even challenging samples — low volume, high concentration, viscous, resistant to dissolution, foaming, or bubbling — can be measured reliably and reproducibly. Using the SoloVPE allows us to: The… Read whole story

29 December 2022

Live webinar series on analysis of complex products

On 17 January, we kick off the new live webinar series on Product-Specific HCP Profiling of Advanced Therapies and Vaccines. The idea is to give insights into how developers of complex products, like gene and cell therapies and vaccines, deal with the challenges of controlling production processes, including characterization of the Host Cell Proteins (HCPs) and other… Read whole story

12 December 2022

We’re hiring: Quality Control Chemist

Do you want to work with analysis of biopharmaceuticals in a GMP environment? Would you like to be responsible for analytical methods developed and validated by Alphalyse and offered to biopharma clients all over Europe and North America? And do you want to help with the automation and digitalization of workflows? Find out more →

1 December 2022

Strengthening of instrument park for analyzing complex samples

Today’s labs are challenged to answer more questions from increasingly diverse and complex samples – but how? For the past couple of weeks, our experts in Analytical Characterization have been busy setting up a new Waters Corporation Acquity HPLC, which will provide even faster mass detection to supplement our LC-MS analysis.   By staying on… Read whole story

22 November 2022

ZenoTOF 7600 System installed

One challenge when developing next-gen biotherapeutics is identifying and eliminating undesired post-translational modifications (PTMs). PTMs can occur if biotherapeutic proteins are inadvertently exposed to stressors such as suboptimal pH values or temperature changes. Traditional methods for peptide mapping used in the development, characterization, and quality control of biotherapeutics hold several limitations. Particularly regarding detailed analysis… Read whole story

3 November 2022

PRESS RELEASE: World’s 1st MS-based HCP analysis under GMP for release test applied to Bavarian Nordic COVID-19 candidate

Alphalyse and Bavarian Nordic A/S significantly shorten the time necessary to document HCP impurities in COVID-19 vaccine candidate for Phase 3 clinical trial – through the world’s first MS-based HCP analysis under GMP conditions ODENSE, Denmark, November 3, 2022 –Alphalyse has performed the world’s first GMP-certified mass spectrometry (MS)-based Host Cell Protein (HCP) analysis for… Read whole story

6 October 2022

Alphalyse awarded “Successful Enterprise” statuette

We at Alphalyse are honored to have received the “Succesvirksomhed 2022” award from Uffe Staal Knudsen (far left) and Thomas Brorsen Jensen (far right) on behalf of Spar Nord Bank and BDO Accounting. This business award recognizes Denmark’s top 1,000 successful enterprises that show continuous organizational growth and strong financial results. Thus, they contribute to… Read whole story

1 September 2022

Expansion of GMP and characterization teams

We are excited to welcome two new Alphalyse colleagues, who will join us in providing excellent service, a high level of expertise, and a fast turnaround for our growing number of customers. Please meet Tine Nielsen (Left) and Line Greve (Right). Tine holds an MSc in Biomedicine and has worked as a quality control chemist,… Read whole story

15 August 2022

3 new specialists just joined our team

To further strengthen our high level of service, expertise, and quality of analysis we now introduce three new Alphalyse colleagues: Vicki Nautrup Nielsen (right), Dean Pedersen (middle), and Cecilie Hovitz Lautrup-Larsen (left). 👩‍🔬Vicki is a familiar face, having worked at Alphalyse in 2020 as a biomedical laboratory scientist. She brings 15 years of laboratory experience… Read whole story

13 June 2022

Webinar: Analyzing vaccine purity – without an HCP ELISA

Is your viral vaccine pure and consistent? One of the biggest challenges in developing viral vaccines is ensuring and documenting that the downstream process consistently produces a safe product – with low Host Cell Proteins (HCPs) levels. Join Ejvind Mortz on June 29: Learn how one LC-MS assay identifies and quantifies all proteins in the… Read whole story

6 June 2022

Alphalyse forms new bioinformatics team

Meet Victor Chrone (left) and Vasileios Tsiamis (right) from our newly formed bioinformatics department. They are experts in computational biomedicine, including machine learning and big data management. We will benefit from their expertise e.g., in developing tools to quickly analyze datasets generated by mass spectrometry and combining learnings from more than 250 host cell protein… Read whole story

31 May 2022

Summary of BEBPA’s 10th annual Host Cell Protein Conference 2022

Review of BEBPA HCP conference 2021 >>Review of BEBPA HCP conference 2020 >> June 2022 By Thomas Kofoed, Rikke Lund and Ejvind Mørtz, Alphalyse On May 16-19, we attended BEBPA’s annual HCP conference. The organizing committee had prepared an exciting conference program. It consisted of high-level scientific talks, audience poll questions, and panel discussions on… Read whole story

19 May 2022

The world’s first GMP-certified MS-based HCP analysis is now a reality

If you cannot get an ELISA to work, you can rely on MS analysis under GMP conditions. Last week, Alphalyse received our GMP certificate, officially stating that we are approved for performing quality control of biological API. So now we can set up validated mass spectrometry assays for analyzing residual impurities / Host Cell Proteins, using our… Read whole story

28 April 2022

Meet our intern, Martine

Who is our intern Martine Mørck Taagholt?She is working on a project to optimize parts of the Alphalyse ELISA-MS™ method. Martine is a Biomedicine MSc student at the University of Southern Denmark – SDU. Here’s what Martine thinks about doing a study-related project for a biotech company like Alphalyse: A company project is a fantastic… Read whole story

10 December 2021

HCP-MS analysis soon available as a release assay

Today, we submit our application for manufacturing authorization to the health authorities, soon enabling us to perform quality control of active pharmaceutical ingredients according to EU and US GMP. The submission concludes a three-year investigation of our mass spectrometry-based Host Cell Protein analysis (HCP-MS) method’s robustness and reproducibility across more than 200 projects. Common for all projects is… Read whole story

18 November 2021

New coverage webinar with Ejvind Mortz

In just 30 minutes, you can learn how to use ELISA-MS™ coverage analysis to: a) Make ELISA kit bridging studies – when your supplier switches to a new batch of capture and detection antibodies b) Check if the coverage of your ELISA is good enough – especially for uncommon expression systems c) Select the ELISA… Read whole story

5 October 2021

The impurity analysis team expands further

The close proximity of Syddansk Universitet – University of Southern Denmark (SDU) to the Alphalyse Headquarters gives us unique access to very well-educated and specialized employees. This month, we are thus excited to welcome two SDU alumnae, Freja and Sindhu, to our team Sai Sindhu Thangaraj just finished her PhD Thesis in Cardiovascular Inflammation. Sindhu’s… Read whole story

27 September 2021

BDO Successful Enterprise of the year

Way to go, Alphalyse team! 🚀👏 We are the proud recipients of the BDO award for successful enterprises – for the 3rd year in a row! The award goes to companies that show continuous growth for five consecutive years while improving their solvency. We dedicate the award to our loyal employees – Alphalyse would be… Read whole story