The optimal HCP strategy 30 minutes on-demand webinar

Design the optimal strategy for analyzing Host Cell Proteins

In this webinar, you will learn how you design an HCP detection strategy that ensures that no critical HCPs are missed during your purification process – without the need for a null-cell line.

You get an overview and comparison of the different analysis methods, and examples of how to use them to optimize your process development. You also learn of a new coverage method that mirrors actual ELISA conditions and can be performed with just 1mg antibody!

Who? – Managers and scientists in process development or analytics

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About this broadcast:

Is your impurity analysis specific and precise?

Host cell protein analysis

  • Do you experience a high variability or lack of dilutional linearity in the HCP values by your ELISA?
  • Are you aware of the critical HCPs that may impact your drug’s safety and stability?
  • Would you like to know how you can easily detect and remove specific impurities in your purification process?

If you can answer YES to at least one of the above, this webinar is
relevant for you.

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Did you know that a ‘good’ HCP analysis should …

… be able to measure the majority of proteins in the early process and cover a broad level of HCP impurities?

… and have a high sensitivity and specific coverage for the few impurities in the drug substance?


Due to their generic nature, a commercial ELISA kit might have a low HCP coverage for your early-stage sample and underestimate the impurity levels in your purified product.

Therefore, you should select a kit that has high coverage of the impurities in your specific drug.

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A good ELISA assay should have both broad and specific HCP coverage

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But this is not enough

Your analysis should also be able to detect critical HCPs in small amounts:

Recently, regulatory authorities have become increasingly aware of the impact certain HCPs may have on humans. Therefore, documentation of these impurities is an important part of process development.

It is important to remove critical HCPs because they may:

  • Cause immunologic reactions
  • Degrade the drug
  • Alter the drug

Thus, it is important

that you select a strategy that measures critical HCP impurities correctly and consistently – also if the process changes.

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The good news is:

You can quickly reduce the risk

By designing the right Host Cell Protein Analysis strategy, you can measure and document a broad population of HCPs as well as specific HCPs in your final product.

In this webinar, we go over the effects that critical HCPs may have on your drug and how you can design the best analysis strategy for detection and removal of them – throughout the process.

In just 30 minutes, you will get:

  • A comparison of the most common analysis methods (and when to use each)
  • Examples of critical HCPs and the harm they may cause (and why you should be very concerned)
  • A guide to what a ‘good’ HCP strategy should contain (and the traps you should avoid)
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In just 30 minutes, Ejvind Mortz, COO and Head of Development, covers how to:

Ejvind Mørtz talks on gene therapies

  • Design a strategy for detecting and documenting host cell protein impurities in process samples and final drug
  • Make a detailed comparison of ELISA kits to choose the ELISA with the highest coverage of your product’s HCPs
  • Avoid critical HCPs based on detailed knowledge about their characteristics
Show me how to design the best HCP analysis strategy >>>
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We have conducted more than 350+ projects
– so far

The Alphalyse laboratory is the most experienced in the world when it comes to process-related analysis based on mass spectrometry. We are the inventors of the MS-ELISA coverage method, presented at the BEBPA conference in Los Angeles last year.

Using the Alphalyse LC-MS/MS coverage method in HCP-ELISA selection, we estimate a savings of approximately $1M and, likely, one year of development time
Lars Skriver, Senior Science Officer
SAVARA Aps, Horsholm, Denmark

Examples of companies who used our services:

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This webinar is worth your time, if:

  • You manage a biologic’s development and want to minimize risk, cost, and development time
  • You are a technical specialist and struggle with inconsistent commercial ELISA kits
  • You have (the slightest) doubt about the process-related impurities covered by your ELISA

Or simply have an interest in the newest technologies for Host Cell Protein analysis.

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After participating, you..

  • Know how to select the most suitable ELISA for your biologic – with the highest HCP coverage
  • Have a positive understanding of the harmful effects critical HCPs may have on your drug or, worse, patients
  • Know how to design a ‘good’ HCP analysis strategy

You will also get the opportunity to book a 1-hour meeting with one of our experts to discuss your project in detail.

Team up with our experienced experts:

orthogonal method

Our lab has conducted 350+ HCP projects in the past four years, making us the world’s most experienced in HCP analysis of biologics by mass spectrometry:

  • Our large team of dedicated experts spent five years developing and optimizing our LC-MS/MS HCP analysis and MS-ELISA coverage method
  • We apply the analysis to all process samples and expression systems, including CHO, E. coli, yeast, etc.
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(recording from 11 March 2020)

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Still wondering if you should sign up?

Here are 3 reasons why it’s worth your time:

  • You will get a new perspective on the concept of HCP analysis – even if you work with it daily.
  • Your commercial HCP ELISA may not recognize critical individual HCPs in your biologic. Attending this webinar may save your project timeline by showing you how to provide the proper documentation needed later in the clinical stage approval.
  • It’s free and only takes 30 minutes of your time.
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