Database Searching & Protein Identification

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Speedy and detailed protein ID of SDS gel bands

Question: Can I identify hundreds of gel bands in a few days? The biopharmaceutical company I work for consistently uses SDS PAGE...

Jun 9. 2020 | Thomas Kofoed |
Protein molecular weight calculator

GPMAW lite – Protein Sequence Calculator (and much more)

When working with proteins, you often need to make simple bioinformatics calculations on a specific protein sequence - and for...

Apr 10. 2017 | Thomas Kofoed |
protein mw calculation

Useful Protein Molecular Weight Calculator – kDa to pmol/µg

Protein molecular weight calculator kDa How do you quickly convert protein size measured in kDa or microgram into picomole - and...

Nov 10. 2015 | Ejvind Mørtz |
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